Join Our Team

The success of the Culture and Personality Lab depends heavily upon the involvement of bright and motivated undergraduates, and we welcome your interest in this research and teaching laboratory. Getting involved in research is a good way to see whether psychology is for you, and if it is, to obtain the research experience and training that you will need to gain admission to psychology graduate programs or related fields of study (e.g., organizational behavior, anthropology, political science, communications).

As a research assistant in the Culture and Personality Lab, you will be working closely with other members of the laboratory (including other research assistants, graduate students, and Professor Benet-Martínez) on one or more of our on-going research projects. Your involvement may include subject scheduling and running studies. In addition, you may be asked to enter or code data, conduct basic data analysis, prepare stimuli for projects, or do literature searches.

Potential research assistants must have at least a 3.0 psychology GPA and be able to commit at least 6 hours/week for 1 year or 3 consecutive quarters.

Note: Professor Benet-Martínez is currently on leave from UCR and not taking any new students.